The Role for Parents in Learning

violins-farmers-market-monheganNo child succeeds in learning music without the support of adults. Here is a simple guide for parents to the musical growth of children.

Encourage Daily Practice

Students who do not practice do not progress. You are an important player in your child’s musical growth. Find a regular time and space for your child to practice every day. Musical development and its associated self-esteem depend on your commitment. Even if there is only time to draw the bow across the strings for a few minutes, strive for daily practice.

We assign a practice chart at each lesson. Take the time to read it and help your child practice the skills listed. Fill in the chart so that you and your child can track effort and progress. (Stickers instead of checkmarks are more rewarding!)

Daily Listening

Listening to music is an integral part of learning to play any instrument. Music is an auditory language, learned through exposure and repetition. Parents should encourage their children to listen to the Suzuki recordings and to supplemental assigned repertoire each day. You’ll find links to recording at the Vermont String School web site’s Music for Students page. Playing these recordings may be the most important requirement we make of parents, and your dedication in this regard is vital to your child’s success.

Supplemental Listening

Each trimester we assign three or four pieces spanning a myriad of violin/fiddle styles. The selections often correlate with the program for upcoming concerts or with music we will be playing in Group Class. So please familiarize yourself with each one.

Share and Enjoy Music With Your Child

Your child needs your dedicated interest in music and in his or her progress. Attend concerts together, dance in the kitchen, sing together. Enjoy music. We will keep you updated on musical events in Central Vermont, posted on the Vermont String School Calendar. There is no substitute for live performance as inspiration for young musicians.

Attend ALL Group Classes and Concerts

Group Classes and Concerts augment private lessons. Their purpose is for students to have fun making music together, so that each child feels supported by peers. Group classes are held once per trimester on a Friday. Check to see when your child’s group meets. Please arrive on time. We promise rewards from this extra effort.

Prepare Your Child for Lesson Day

If your child takes lessons during the school day and you do not attend, please make sure that he or she arrives prepared to learn. Your help in remembering to bring the instrument, notebooks, and other supplies is one more way to show your dedication to your child’s musical growth.