Payments and Policies

Vermont String School’s academic year encompasses three, eight- to twelve-week trimesters.

The ten-week winter 2018-2019 trimester runs from December 15 to March 23. Payment in full is due by the end of January. Make up lessons can be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time during the trimester.

There will be no lessons from January 13-26 and during winter vacation from February 23 – March 1. Ruth will be available during vacation week for make-up lessons.

Families of students in need can inquire about our scholarship program. Our goal is to make music available to ALL interested students.

Tuition (includes 10 lessons, and 1 group class)

  • Ten half-hour lessons, from December 15 to March 23, plus one group class; $220
  • Ten 45-minute lessons, from December 15 to March 2, plus one group class: $320

Please make checks out to Ruth Einstein and mail tuition to: Vermont String School, 32 Main Street, Box 146, Montpelier, Vermont 05602 by January 31.

Lesson Cancellation Policy

Vermont String School requires 24 hours notice for a lesson cancellation. This advance notice entitles students to one make-up session per trimester. Otherwise, cancellations within 24 hour of a lesson do not entitle the student to a make-up session. Parents are responsible for scheduling any make-up lessons at a mutually agreeable time during the trimester. Any lesson cancelled by the instructor will entitle the student to a make-up lesson, to be rescheduled by the instructor. This includes school cancellations due to inclement weather.

Please note that school field trips or other “in-school” activities occasionally conflict with scheduled lessons. Without the required advance notice of cancellation, these are not considered excused absences.  Occasionally scheduled lessons occur during school “in-service days.”  If you are unable to bring your child to a lesson on these days, please contact Ruth to work out a mutually agreeable alternative. Again, without prior arrangement, missed lessons will not be refunded or rescheduled.