Ruth Einstein

Ruth makes music on a maple. The tree, felled in Vermont and hewn into a beam for the Chelsea covered bridge, was later salvaged, shaved thin, and now vibrates as the front panel of Ruth’s violin. Woman and wood, they have traveled far.

With the violin strapped to her backpack, hitched to a saddle, or along in a rowboat, Ruth and her music have wandered over mountains in Nepal, played melodies at fireside pujas in India, accompanied dance at midsummer festivals in Sweden, and transcribed La Musica de Tierra Caliente in Mexico. Each place brings a story, experience, and inspiration to share music with others.

Here at home, in Montpelier, Vermont, Ruth plays classical music in string quartets and trios. She is a member of the Vermont Philharmonic and the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra. She passionately bows Mexican tunes and Latin ballads of love and strife. Yet for all of the music she plays, and styles she conveys, Ruth thrives most at home while performing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with students.

Teaching is Ruth’s passion. Since 1990 has she has created music with hundreds of children. Ruth has studied string pedagogy with Mimi Zveig at the University of Indiana and is certified by the Suzuki Association of the Americas to teach through Book 6. She has been a regular attendee of American String Teachers Association (ASTA) conferences and the Mark O’Connor Fiddle Camp. This training informs her spark, yet the flame is her own.

As founder of Vermont String School, Ruth recognizes that every young musician is an individual. Her sessions weave creativity, education, and inspiration to encourage learning in a supportive setting.