How We Teach

Vermont String School blends fundamentals, exuberance, and mirth into an innovative and effective teaching program. As a certified Suzuki instructor, active American String Teachers’ Association member, and lifelong learner herself, Ruth draws on varied pedagogies to help students develop sound technique, including note reading and rhythm skills, along with pure music enjoyment. Students learn a variety of styles, including classical, traditional Irish and American fiddle, and jazz.

The foundation of Ruth’s teaching approach is to:

  • Inspire students to learn.
  • Involve and support parents in fostering the musical growth of their children.
  • Present new concepts clearly, and then clarify  practice expectations.
  • Teach tunes by ear as a foundation for basic technique and intonation. Rhythm and music reading are introduced at a time appropriate to each child.
  • Recognize each child as an individual. For this Ruth keeps an open mind and relies on three decades of wisdom on the psychology of learning.
  • Expose students to many styles of music and encourage them to attend local concerts and music festivals.
  • Give each student a strong foundation of music/ violin fundamentals so that they succeed in playing any style of violin/fiddle.