Instruments and Materials


Each child must have a properly sized violin. Violins are available in full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 sizes. You can buy or rent instruments from one of the reputable luthiers or stores listed below. Bring your child to be fitted for the violin. Be sure to buy a “shoulder sponge” as well.

Extra Set of Strings

Strings break. Always have an extra set on hand. If you are reluctant to change a broken string on your own, ask the folks at the store or rental location to help you or wait until the next lesson. You’ll also find many YouTube videos about how to change a violin string.

Suzuki CDs

The CDs are a requirement. Buy the CD corresponding to your child’s Suzuki book level. Beginners need the Suzuki Book 1 CD; there is no need to purchase the companion book for Book 1 unless you read music and wish to follow along. Students studying Suzuki Book 2 should purchase the book and the CD. Our teaching method is based the premise of daily listening to the CDs. We will try to have Suzuki materials available for downloading or listening from our web site, but you must buy your own copy of the CD in order that Copyright laws not be violated. Buy them where you buy violins and strings.

Violin Tuner

Buy an electronic tuner that attaches either to the bridge or pegs of the violin. For instructions on how to tune the instrument, watch this video:

Three Ring Binder

Students will put all lesson plans and supplemental music into this binder. It keeps them organized. Please buy one.

Supplemental Music and Etude Books

Review the following chart to see which supplemental books your child will need. Purchase the books for your child’s current level of study:


  • Fun With Rhythms, by Evelyn Ashvarian

 Mid Book 1

  • I Can Read Music, Volume 2, by Joanne Martin

 Book 2

  • I Can Read Music, Volume 2, by JoAnne Martin
  • Fiddle Magic by Sally O’Reilly
  • First Duet Album by Harvey Whistler and Herman Hummel

 Book 3

  • Scales Plus!!! by William Star
  • Fiddle Magic by Sally O’Reilly
  • The Fiddle Club, Volume 1, by Mel Bay
  • Melodious Doublestops by Josephine Trott

 Book 4

  • Scales Plus !!! by William Star
  • High Tech for Strings by Doris Gazda
  • The Fiddle Club, Volume 3, by Mel Bay